Affiliate Partner JavaScript Widget

Our JavaScript widget provides you with a quick and simple way to add a strip of iStock photos or vectors to your site. The widget handles calls to the Getty Images/iStock API and automatically adds your affiliate information to all links back to the iStock website. All of the logic runs in the client's browser, so there is no added load on your server infrastructure.

To use the widget, add a <script> tag to the page and then add the <istock-affiliate> tag in the HTML where the image list is desired.

For example:

<script src=""></script>
<hr />
<istock-affiliate api-key="API_KEY" affiliate-id="AFFILIATE_ID" search-phrase="trees" item-count="6"
      orientation="horizontal" image-style="photography" />
<hr />

The above would produce this output:



  • api-key: The API Key provided after signing up to be an affiliate.
  • affiliate-id: The affiliate id provided after signing up to be an affiliate.
  • search-phrase: Specifies the search terms to find the content to be displayed.
  • item-count: Specifies the number of items to display. Valid range is 1 - 20 inclusive. Default value is 10.
  • orientation: Specifies the layout of the images. Valid values are horizontal and vertical. Default is horizontal.
  • image-style: Specifies the graphical style of the images desired. Valid values are photography and vector. If left blank, results will be mixed.

Affiliate Partner Search API Endpoints

We have two search API endpoints that are specific to the needs of our Affiliate Partners:

  • GET /v3/affiliates/search/images
  • GET /v3/affiliates/search/videos

These endpoints are optimized for speed and ease of use, providing you with just right amount of metadata needed to add image and video search results to your site. Unlike the JavaScript widget, you'll need to add your Affiliate ID to the destination URL per the instructions from Impact Radius, our Affiliate management partner. The response from this API will provide the metadata and URLs for 20 images or videos.

You can read the full documentation in the AffiliateSearch section of our Open API Documentation (Swagger).