Generative AI by Getty Images

Getty Images has partnered with NVIDIA to develop a commercially safe AI model that has been trained exclusively on Getty Images' best-in-class creative content and data, allowing you to rest assured that the images you generate, and license, are backed by our uncapped legal indemnification. We’ve created a model that compensates our world-class content creators for the use of their work in our AI model, allowing them to continue to create more of the high-quality pre-shot imagery you depend on. From ideation to execution, Generative AI combines perfectly with the pre-shot Getty Images content libraries and solutions to elevate your entire creative process.

Access to the image generation functionality is restricted to Getty Images customers and partners with an AI Generation license agreement.

Refer to Swagger for full AI Generation API technical documentation.

Prompt Guide

Prompt Text

Knowing how to engineer prompts is instrumental to producing high quality images in generative AI. Prompts are composed of keywords that help to describe a subject and its styles. At this time, only English language prompts are accepted. An effective text prompt may have several components, including:

  • Main subject: the who of the prompt, e.g. Small puppy with a fluffy white tail wearing a red collar.

  • Action: the what/how of the prompt, e.g. Joyfully carrying a long wooden stick.

  • Surroundings: the when/where of the prompt, e.g. On a busy street corner at dusk. A small basketball court in the background.

  • Visual aesthetics: how you want the images to look, e.g. Shot from above, soft yellow light, blurred background.

Negative Prompts

Use the negative prompt parameter to specify concepts, objects, styles or attributes you want excluded from your generated images. This can help you remove issues like additional compression, blurriness, high contrast, weird hands, unsettling expressions, etc. Commonly used negative prompt terms include:

  • ugly

  • blurry

  • childish

  • flat

  • malformed

  • poorly drawn

  • old

  • dated

  • photoshop

  • post process

  • collage

  • fake



illustration of two people riding bikes in the distance of a desert
road. Cactus and rock formations on the sides of road. sun in sky

Negative prompt:

ugly, blurry, childish, flat, malformed, poorly drawn, old, dated, 80s,
90s, photoshop, post process, collage, fake, high dynamic range,
uniform, photo


a building in the woods made of pink cotton candy, bountiful, all pink,
surreal, unusual, misty light, foggy, dusk or dawn, magic hour, pink
sky, magical, wispy, strange, fantasy

Negative prompt:

illustration, vectors, close up, flash, bright, people, close up,


cloud burst of colorful powder suspended in the air over a black lava
landscape, ethereal, fantasy, whimsical, infinite, contemporary,
saturated, highly detailed, ultra realistic

Negative prompt:

text, words, human beings, ugly, blurry, childish, flat, malformed,
poorly drawn, old, dated, 80s, 90s, photoshop, post process, collage,


studio portrait of a stylish, modern Indian woman with heavy shadows,
moody, colorful styling, atmospheric, filmic, film, proud, confident,
colorful backdrop

Negative prompt:

drawing, painterly, flash

Additional Parameters

media_type specifies the type of content produced by the model.
Values are:

  • photography
  • illustration

aspect_ratio specifies the aspect ratio of the generated images.
Values are:

  • 1:1
  • 3:4
  • 4:3
  • 9:16
  • 16:9

mood: Specifies the lighting and other qualities of the generated images.
Values are:

  • black_and_white
  • warm
  • cool
  • natural
  • vivid
  • dramatic
  • bold