Error Codes & Responses

This page lists errors returned by the Getty Images API, grouped by their HTTP status codes as defined in RFC 2616.

Successful & Redirection Codes

HTTP Status Code Description
200 OK Success!
201 Created The request has been fulfilled and resulted in a new resource being created.
303 SeeOther The response to the request can be found under a different URI, located in the Location header of the response. Issue a GET method on that resource to retrieve the response.

Error Codes

The sample JSON response below demonstrates the structure of how an error is returned:

  "ErrorCode": "InvalidRequest",
  "ErrorMessage": "Field: page_size, Message: The value 'a' is not valid for Int32."
400 Bad Request
Code Description
InvalidParameterValue The request failed becuase it contained an invalid parameter value.
InvalidPage The page parameter value is invalid.
InvalidPageSize The page_size parameter value is invalid.
UnknownProviderUri The entity_uris parameter value contains a URI that is not a supported provider.
IncorrectlyFormedUri The entity_uris parameter value is invalid.
MalformedRequest The server cannot understand the request due to malformed or illegal syntax. Do not repeat request without modifications.
ImageIdMustBeSpecified The ids or id parameter value is missing in the request. They must be specified in order to get a successful response.
InvalidRequest The request is invalid or improperly formed. Consequently, the server didn't understand the request.
403 Forbidden
Code Description
UnauthorizedDisplaySize The fields parameter value includes an invalid display size.
NoAccessToProductType The product_types parameter value is invalid. This can occur if a user doesn't have access to the specified product type.
Forbidden The requested operation is forbidden and cannot be completed.
404 Not Found
Code Description
ImageNotFound The ID provided in the request resulted in no images found.
VideosNotFound The ID provided in the request resulted in no videos found.
FileDownloadSizeNotFound The request could not be completed due to invalid download size dimensions
VideoNotFound The requested operation failed because the video associated with the request could not be found.
EventNotFound The requested operation failed because the event associated with the request could not be found.
BoardNotFound The requested operation failed because the board associated with the request could not be found.
500 Internal Server Error
Code Description
SystemError The request failed due to an internal server error. Please post to the developer forum so that the Getty Images team can investigate.