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Boards - Remove Assets from Board

Boards are where you collect, curate, collaborate on and manage photo and video assets in one place. More information on the Boards FAQ. Use this endpoint to remove a set of assets from a board.


You'll need an API key and a Resource Owner Grant access token to use this resource. Please see our Getting Started page for more information on how to sign up for an API key.

Use the following endpoint to remove a set of assets from a specific board:

DELETE<board id>/assets

You can use the Get All Boards Quickstart to get a test board id and the Creative Image Search Quickstart to get a set of asset id values.

Add API key and the Resource Owner Grant token to the request header:

Api-Key: <your api key>
Authorization: Bearer <your secure access token>

Your request would look like this using curl:

curl -X DELETE -H "Api-Key: <your api key>" -H "Authorization: Bearer <secure access token>"<your board id>/assets

Your response will return a 204 - No Content if successful.

Request Headers

Api-Key string Provide your API key. Required.
Authorization string Provide access token in the format of 'Bearer {token}'. Required.
Accept-Language string Provide a header to specify the language of result values.

URI Path Parameters

board_id string Specify the board to remove assets from. Required.

Querystring Parameters

asset_ids array List the assets to be removed from the board. Required.

Response Status Codes

204 AssetsRemovedFromBoard
400 InvalidParameterValue
401 Unauthorized
403 SecureTokenRequired
403 InsufficientAccess
404 BoardNotFound