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Asset Changes

Record asset changes


You'll need an API key and a Resource Owner Grant access token to use this resource. Please see our Getting Started page for more information on how to sign up for an API key.

Use the following endpoint to generate asset changes:

PUT https://api.gettyimages.com/v3/asset-changes/change-sets

Add your API key and the Resource Owner Grant access token to the request header:

Api-Key: <your api key>
Authorization: Bearer <your secure access token>

Partner channels that have not been checked within the last 120 days will be removed and that partner will no longer be able to get change notifications from that channel. Partners who would like to start using the Asset Changes API again after a period of dormancy should contact their sales representative to be set up again.

Request Headers

Api-Key string Api-Key Required.
Accept-Language string Accept-Language parameter optional. Used to restrict the set of natural languages that are preferred as a response to the request.
Authorization string Authorization token required. Used for applying content access restrictions. Use one of the OAuth2 grants to auto-populate this value. Required.

Querystring Parameters

channel_id integer Specifies the id of the channel for the asset data. Valid channel ids can be found in the results of the Get Partner Channel query. Required.
batch_size integer Specifies the number of assets to return. The default is 10; maximum is 500.

Response Body Fields


ChangeSetId string
ChangedAssetList array [ ChangedAssetDetail ]


AssetChangedUtcDateTime string
AssetLifecycle string
AssetType string
Id string
Uri string

Response Status Codes

403 Your access token does not authorize access to this resource
404 The channel you specified does not exist

Some response items contain hyperlinks which you can use to take you directly to the next steps in your workflow, when appropriate. The following URIs are provided in the response for this request.

ChangedAssetDetail.Uri string